Potential problem in Marantz LV500

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Many years ago, when DVD hadn't yet arrived, I wanted to buy a laservideo player so I could get better quality in films.

The other reason for the purchase was to upgrade to a CD player that would have a sturdy transport for eventual outboard DAC improvements. My idea was that a transport designed for such a heavy thing as an LV disc might do wonders for a small CD.

Did use it for several years, with great results (superior to DVD) until I eventually had to go for a DVD player too. The already small LV disc rentals available also quite disappeared where I live (Rio de Janeiro), so a demise was unavoidable.

About that time the player started to show a disgusting problem: it stuck with a CD inside, refusing to play it or ejecting it. At first the problem would solve by unplugging the Marantz from the wall for some weeks, until the caps seemed to discharge. When plugged back things would be fine again. This routine worked several times, until about one year or so ago it did not respond to the "unplug solution" any more.

Recently I decided to plug it back and it's now working again. Could also get my record back. For how long it will still work I don't know.

Any hints on where such a problem might be? I have the service manual, so I can look into the different circuits (and it has many) for clues.

My idea is that there might be a relay of some sort that gets stuck and does not release the door or the playing order you send to it. A dry capacitor might be the answer, but I am not so sure.

Going for a repair man over here might make things worst, so I am on my own.

The LV500 is a good player, with plenty of potential for improvements in the digital and analog areas, internally or externally. And it would make a superior CD player, better than my Pioneer DV525, that many times refuses to play CDs, even if it's great with DVDs of any type.

Ideas? Where to look for answers?

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Perhaps someone can suggest where I can get some hints on solving a mechanical problem as the one I have.

It would be great if I can repair the LV500 because it can provide an excellent transport, with lots of potential for DAC improvement.

At the time of its release it was much better than the Marantz CD players being released, like the CD67 or similar.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.