Pot for my Aleph5


I'm looking for a pot to use on the input of my soon to be(hopefully) aleph 5. Searching the forums I've found that PEC pots come recommended. But wich type? At Digi-key they have several series. I want a mono, 10k log pot. I'd do the research myself but I've already placed an order at Digi-key and hopefully there is still time to add the pots to the order.


Nelson Pass

The one and only
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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Digikey carries a number of brands and types. I usually
try the Clarostat 1 watt plastic types, but if you want a
log taper, Precision Electric has a 2 watt Carbon Comp.

It's not necessary to go as low as 10K on the pot, as the
amplifier is quite tolerant, and you can use 25 Kohm if you
want to avoid loading the source.
Thanks Mr. Pass. Mail is sent to Digi-key and hopefully it's not to late. Looking forward to build your Aleph amp btw. I've listened to the A-40 wich I find to be great sounding. I'm sure I wont be dissapointed with the Aleph. This has been an long term project due to us being three students building. :) Time and money is hard to coordinate between us. Things might speed up though, with the parts on their way.