Possible Interaction of Close Mounted Transformers

Try it

Hook up one transformer to the mains, put a voltmeter on the other and move them around. You will probably find that their relative orientation makes a big difference. Turn them around, place one sideways -- etc.

Have you considered detrimental effects of vibration on the rest of the circuitry? Perhaps placing them elsewhere for other reasons than magnetic will be worth considering?

Good luck.


How about mounting the transformers in a different chassis and send ac directly to the amp chassis. This would avoid noise pickup and vibration problems. The bridge rectifiers and the filter caps could be mounted on the amp board.


How is your progress on the back engineered X-1000?

Thanks for the Help. I placed the transformers in a mannor that thay would be used in and with no load or voltage on one and Just voltage apply to the othr transformer. I got about 30 MV of AC. so i amp going to have to find an alternative to Boardmounting these. Maby a separate case like wat was recomended above would work.