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Possible GB for LT3045/3094 PCB (ref SMD FC CEN IV)


please indicate your interest here if you would like to be in on this.....

I'll let @EUVL do the technical description, but suffice to say they are very neat, fit in a TO220 form factor and you need one set for each channel. The photo below shows them in a heatsink that I used for testing purposes, and gives you an idea of the nature of them.


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Fran, Patrick,

A welcome initiative.

If a heat sink of that size is required to keep a reasonable temperature, it takes re-thinking the case I am preparing.

Given my GB-take in the FC CEN IV, probably preference for 4 pairs smd and 4 pairs HT.

Nopants x3 (correctly understood?)
Malvin x1
Oyvind x1
Barryblue x 2 pairs (dual mono FC CEN)
av-trouvaille 4 pairs smd and/or 4 pairs of TH
You do not need to specify which FC CEN IV you have.
Fran will cross check his list of subscribers.
Just let us know how many pairs you want.

It is only a service for the FC CEN.
No intension to sell lots. Hence the restriction.
You can buy similar modules (but not the same of course) from other sources.

Ours is same width as normal TO220 (11x21mm).
And because it is DIY, we don't save on passive components.
Murata GJ8 series (as specified in LT datasheet), Susumu thin film resistors.

Is this just PCBs or completed boards ?

We definitely shall NOT solder and test. You need to DIY.
But for EU at least, we might offer a kit with all components, since postage is the same.
The postage from the EU for just sending 2 small PCBs is in proportion expensive.

Not sure yet what to do with US subscribers.
Sending components from Mouser to the EU (with VAT) and then back also does not make sense.
Maybe just swallow the postage,

Nothing decided yet.

Some feedback sought here folks:

EU people - do you want a parts kit supplied with the boards? If you are placing an order for parts it will be less than €50, so if you have nothing else to buy you won't make the minimum payment.
USA/elsewhere people - do you want a parts kit supplied? Yes, there will be VAT when they come to me, but I guess you would have sales tax and shipping anyway?

We'll take on board all feedback, but of course have to balance that with what is practical.