Possible blasphemy for guitarists... :)

Possible blasphemy for guitarists

I would like to refer you to Randy Slone´s book "High Power Audio
Amplifier Construction Manual" for the schematic you are looking for.
Besides being very informative (if you want to learn something about
audio amplifiers) the book has schematics of several amplifiers, two
or three of them are for musical instruments.
The book also has the boards layouts for somebody who wants to
build those amplifiers.
The publisher is McGraw-Hill and can be seen at www.books.mcgraw-hill.com
, but you can find it also at Amazon.com at a discounted price.
I hope this helps.
A friend of mine just whipped up a little guitar amp with a TDA7350? Chip-amp from an old car radio..Added an op-amp or two for a pre,and slapped the whole thing inside a PC PSU,with the PSU still inside!

Little 20W jam-box! (Just add speaker(s)) Sounds fairly good so far,I think he's gonna tweak it a bit more..Not bad for a $0 junkbox project. ;)
The little five-legged TDA2030 or TDA2040 are not expensive, very easy to wire up for a small power amp. For a simple preamp, why not look at some commercial amps and copy the circuit. Nothing wrong with copying the circuit for your own use, just don't sell the amp.

For example, send an email to [email protected] and request the schematic for the AUdition 30 guitar amplifier. One TDA2040 power amp chip and one 4558 dual op amp, plus all the passive parts. Or the Peavey Rage might be a fun little amp to build, again, one power amp chip and one op amp. If you ask for the RAge, tell them you want the old original Rage. (Not the newer "transtube" version)

SOlid state guitar amps can get as complicated as you want them too, but these couple examples are pretty basic. Other brands make very similar amps.
I used a tube preamp/distortion with a solid-state power amp for years and always got compliments on the good sound. The key is to never drive the power amp into clipping. That's when they sound bad.

I've heard some newer all solid-state amps that sound pretty darn good too!