portable speaker idea : comments?

so my portable claim to fame is this little guy

but i'm thinking a bit bigger and maybe more ... practical and long term or in other terms i'm almost willing to put some money into this :)

hear me out:
enclosure : pelican or storm travel case... air tight and strong
like so: http://www.rootinternational.com/shopexd.asp?id=11073

driver: the goal as always is loud and clean -
i was looking at this intersting creation

i like it because my use is nothing like what is made for - and the coaxil design is nice - stereo is better - paintable to match and weather resistant (cool to me man)

this with a 2nd 6" (to be found - but dual voice coil) to help the low end a bit
all running off a upgraded t-amp (running at 4ohm - using sla bats - although i may not be able to fly with them?)

the enclosure would be sealed of course - and the shallow depth of the dayton mean i may be able to use the case while traveling - then set it up upon arriving (maybe a fold down brace to help with vibration - clothing for stuffing :) )

uh? thats it
i've though of a few other ideas... a horn with a couple of PA drivers for the spl value - being another tempting option
but i ask you ... what do you think?

thanks for your scroll time :)
I think the first one reminds me of a few speakers I made as a yougstar.

I think you are considering dropping WAY too much money into the second one.

I think you should consider how to protect the cone in transit... grilles anyone?

I think the thing will be heavy but doable.