Popping noise on earpiece from an HT

Fresh meat and first post... please go easy. ;)

I have a handheld transceiver (HT) that makes a popping noise in the earpiece whenever the audio amplifier comes on (ie. receiving a transmission or by manually forcing it open by pressing the Monitor button, which opens up the squelch). This pop comes out at the onset of every transmission and it is painful, especially when I use an in-ear earpiece.

Granted, this is just a cheap Baofeng radio, I still want to DIY some sort of an audio filter to preserve my hearing. My best guess is that the radio is lacking sufficient audio filtering post-amplifier and is not clamping down on the DC current, which causes excessive excursion of the earpiece diaphragm everytime it goes active, causing that loud pop. It also doesn't matter if the volume is set low or high... the loudness of the pop remains the same.

Is there like a non-polar capacitor I can install, in-line before the earpiece, to prevent this? Thank you.

FWIW, the HT models I have are the UV-17 Pro GPS and the BF-F8+. I used to own a couple of Icoms, Kenwood, and a Yaesu HT and none of them have this pop.

I have provided a video (with audio) of what the pop sounds like. In real life, it's so loud you can hear it across the room.