Popping noise / CSR8675 Bluetooth module

I have a small but annoying problem. I am using a CSR8675 module with simple Bluetooth in and Analog Out connected to an Amplifier (with Analog input). I got the configuration almost perfect, but unfortunately there is always a popping sound after 30 seconds when the Bluetooth music stops. I have tried almost every configuration by using the sink configuration tool (APK 4.2), but is seems that the Bluetooth module internally powers down (even though the Bluetooth connection remains active) after 30 seconds and the popping sounds occurs.

Any help or idea would be highly appreciated. :)
You can try hooking up the Mute pin of the CSR to your amplifier/OpAmp. These bluetooth modules mute their output when there is no audio playing. You can set a PIO to drive when the Audio is active (PIO6 might be already set to that).

What amp/OpAmp are you using?

yes, since the popping noise only occurs after 30 sec, I could mute the amp after 10sec (trigger time), by setting PIO6 to low (Audio Active Output PIO)

Unfortunately I additionally have an input channel selector (6 Inputs), of which one of them is the Bluetooth module. This module is powered up only if the channel is selected. The advantage is that the bluetooth modue is not active all of the time, only when the input channel is selected.

The problem with the above mentioned solution, is when I switch to another channel the bluetooth module powers down and the PIO becomes low and the amp mutes.

I am using a TDA7498E board and the mute is constantly pulled at 3.3V and needs to be low to mute.

To come back to my initial question, is there no way to avoid the BT module to power down the sink internally? One should think there is some kind of auto-off timer to prevent powering down?