Polk Audio PA880

Replaced that same problem only 2 volts on pin 8..

There are only 2 other transistors in that area A1015's

If i find 1 to be defective is there a good replacement for thoose?

Also there is a diode connected to pin 8 (ZD1) 1 side has 2 volts other side is 0.00 volts and 2 volts measured directly across it..

I that normal and i need to back track more?
The middle leg of the BD140 connects to a 100 ohm resistor then goes to pins 8,11,12..

If i place one probe on pin 8 and the other probe on the middle leg of the BD140 i get 100 ohms on pin 8 ..

So im assuming that the BD140 is connected to pin 8

I get 13.89 volts on 1 side of the 100 ohm resistor but only 2.74 volts on the other side..

Could the 494 possibly be bad?