Point to Point wiring

Missing the point

You guys are "preaching to the choir" (the already converted for those of you in Rio Linda) I could agree more with you. Unless you start bundeling the wires together together you will get about 1/4 of the stray capacitance of a PC board on FR-4 and about half of that of even a teflon board and can use exotic conductors. I did a digital audio circuit with very short traces to an RF type opamp once and found out that it sounded much better to bend the feedback pins up and solder the resitor on top of the opamp! This was a difference of about 2pF! I ended up building several hundred boards this way. I have talked to several designers of audio equipment that complained how sensitive the sound a circuit is to the PCB layout. I love the nice looking layouts with nice even rows of resistors and a four layer board to tie them together. Looks nice, sounds bad. Grid and gate resistors are a great idea but mount them as close to the gate(fet) or grid(tube) as possible. I am getting ready to do my first p2p silver wire circuit. If you need a ground plane, you can use unetched PCB material and wire above it. I have built very fast digital circuits like this for prototype and they worked fine.

My Guru for layout considerations is at link below. I went to one of his seminars once and never looked at a circuit the same way again. Useful for analog circuits also.


This looks very interesting. Someone loan me 10k.
Recent phono-stage build using solder for glue.
PXL_20221030_190604119 (1).jpg
PXL_20221030_190612707 (1).jpg
PXL_20221030_190620913 (1).jpg
PXL_20221026_194302821 (2).jpg
Sharpie dots for extra black background? I'm not convinced diyAudio threads are like fine wine.

A 2002 Texas Point-to-Point, now, that's a vintage worth dusting off.
The dots were just a way to keep track of which wire was which since I used white fiberglass tubing as insulation. Just marking the ground buss.
Not getting the fine wine reference.
And yes, the backgrounds are quite black.
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