Plug in DAC into main in or to cd inputs of an integrated amplifier

Thinking of a basic dac with Bluetooth. I looked at a few.

Currently top contender is creative x7
260$ on Amazon

Has burr brown dac

There is also this one

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver (2019 Version) B1 B&H

And volume control. So it's sort of a pre amp already

I have few nakamichi ta and Sr series. Some come with pre-out and main in jacks.

What's the issue if you have 2 pre amps on signal path

1) creative x7 -->cd inputs of nakamichi--> speakers

2) creative x7 --> main in of nakamichi--> speakers

Any issues or adverse affects of either pathway

If you have other dac recommendation please let me know
Need USB connection to Android, Mac, pc and bluetooth
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