Pls help a poor DIYER make a low wind speed!

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Hey all,

I love winsed it does its job as good as it could, but some on hear pls HELP ME, I know how to use it but all the subwoofers I plan on Winsed have unbelivibly HIGH win speeds even with 4 - 8 ports up to 2 meters long.

every project i read about has 1 or 2 ports tuneed to 18 - 20hz and length of about 50cm and they dont have wind speed problems AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!:mad:

any help or suggestions would be apprecitated! :D

for example:

I need 4 ports 1.2 meters long and even then I still have a maximum wind speed of 17ms (or is that acceptable)

but the point is, that is a lot of pipe and most people (excluding collo) have 1 port that is about 30 - 60cm and they dont complain

or is that just the way and I have to accept it?

most comercial subs have measly pissy little ports and how come they dont WHISTLE? or do they

Hi kornmong,

Eat less baked beans.

Or, try a single 520 square cm port (if you're using circular, then that works out at about 25.73 cm diameter). I'd use a shelf port instead (someone else mentioned that) of 52*10cm (depending on what size you're planning on having the actual box). Your port would be about 150cm long.

It looks like you're doing simulations at the full 1600W, do you seriously want 120dB at 17Hz??? If so, with the set-up above, you'll be getting a port speed of 22m/s (and you'll never hear that over the sound of the subby). You'll also have 31mm excursion at about 25 Hz and I'd suggest rolling off severely below the 17Hz, otherwise your voice-coil will be mashed.

But unless you're going to be running this in a full size theatre, seriously try simulating it at 110dB max instead. You'll be able to design an easier build (and it'll be easier to power also).
no im doing simulations at 512 watts but thats ok now because 17ms is acceptable but hell 281 litres is huge, sorry for the hassle but ive got a new and cheaper plan, with a smaller box

and I plan to use the DAYTON TITANIC 15" MK3 hell of a lot cheaper

thanks for all the help and suggeations :)

ive got another question but ill ask in this thread or should I start another? when you say, ill post
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.