Plitron New Transformers


2002-05-09 4:35 am
Has anyone seen those new, low noise, low inrush and Fully Encapsulated toroids from the Plitron.
I am a litle concerned about the price but othervise they looks so
good. Comparing them with the standard ones from the same company at the way diferent price, I am confused. Do they really
deserve that price?
(particulary when we are talking about 2 Aleph 4 - monoblocks).

Any input appreciated.


Paid Member
2002-03-29 5:19 am
Aside from the shielding and noise testing, I believe that one
can do the same thing by wiring the two 115V primaries of
a torroid in series for 115V operation. Of course, you have
to have secondaries that are "double" the desired voltages as
they'll be putting out half their spec'ed voltages. On my
"to do " list is to actually try this and see what the regulation
and current output look like in practice.

The series wiring of the primaries will allow the core to run
with less flux density and thus there should also be less
stray magnetics.

I'm perplexed as to why Plitron thinks they can get such a
premium price for these "low noise" transformers


2002-05-09 4:35 am

As you know the size of those heatsinks, what do you think are they sufficient for Aleph 4, two monoblocks ofcorse, standard gain configuration. ???

Have recived PCBoards as well. They look Great. PRO.:)

Time to start hunting other parts. (Holco, Panasonic etc:D )