PLH vs ???

Jlh. Plh ?

I got back one of my JLH amps back from the loaner department. I started to do some listening tests comparing it to the PLH. Do they sound the same? Not really. Both sound good, but different. There will be more to add in a week or so after I crank that pot to some more positions.

PLH has 37 volt rail with 68000 uf.,.15ohm, 68000 uf. Bias @ 1.8 amps. :D


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I lisrened to the JLH for an hour or so tonight while putting on the front panel and top of the PLH. It is a very good sounding amp. Good highs and lows and good balance in between.
The difference between the JLh and PLH is the midrange. As the current gain is turned down the PLH midrange gets better. Then you get to a point when the highs and lows drop down. For Mr. Pass this is at the 9 O'clock position. For me it is anywhere between the 6 and 10 O'clock position depending on what I am listening to. Ten for Disturbed (Down with the sickness), Jam are you going to send that disc back soon? Six for Goldfrapp (Are you human).

You just have too much time on your hands......................:D


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2003-02-11 9:02 am
MikeW said:
I am getting sick of building chassis. If anyone in the forum would like to listen to it before I do let me know. Shipping will be from 01844. ;)

What is the chasis for? Strangely, my amps work without chasis
:confused: :confused: :confused: ;) So I have about 4 serious chasis/boxes, but unused for a very long time. One of the box has the GEM for one channel, but hopefully will be replaced with the Stochino (I'm pretty sure with any of them because I'm tired with heatsinks :rolleyes: )

The Alephs were lucky enough to be built more than one channel :D But I'm still looking for a small wattage class-A. That one must be preferable to my ears than the Le Monstre. I have separated expensive PSU for the front end of the Le Monstre, batteries, matched transistors, and ofcourse the very expensive original NOS transistors :dead: But I still want a MOSFET!! :devilr: