Pledge Drive for

Fellow DIYers.

(before anyone starts screaming SPAM, i cleared this with Jason long before i was a moderator, and this is actually the 2nd post on the subject)

I am asking for assistance with maintaining the prescence of my website from those who are able -- no donation is too small. The success of my site has turned to a liability with daily visitors now averaging 300 a day and myself struggling thru a time of underemployment. Details are on the Sponsor's Page at my website. The initial flurry of sponsors were very generous and have kept me going for the last while, but, like public radio or TV it is time to ask again.

There is also there, a link to a complete copy of the site as it existed some 3 1/2 years ago.

Thank you for your attention.

pinkmouse said:
Dave ,

US$ any use, I have some notes from the last time I was in Las Vegas, I would be willing to send you, otherwise I suppose I will have to put another dent in my credit card:)


Thank you.

US$ are fine. You can get my address by following the link to the planetsofta page.

peterr said:
Of course I will donate some. But as I am in the Netherlands I am trying to find out the best way to do so ( especially after reading the paypal thread) I'd prefer to use Visa but how do I go about that? I am hesitant to just call the number on your site because of time difference.

The time difference is 8 or 9 hrs. And our office is at our home, so we are here most of the time. I got a call from a US Air Force fellow yesterday stationed not far from you. he phoned at 10 or so, and it was about 1 o'clock here. We had a nice chat.

And despite that the 1-888 number is only supposed to work in North America, he had no trouble with it -- the world continues to shrink.