Please use the search facilities

The longer serving members of this forum frequently have to repeat replies that have been previously posted in response to similar queries.

Could I therefore please suggest that newer members use the site search facilities before posting a query to see if what they are proposing to ask has already been answered. This will enable more time to be spent responding to new questions and problems.

I second the motion!
Can we simply tack this message to the top of the list?
Oh, and another thing...please refrain from whining if no one answers your post in the first twenty minutes. This includes as subcategories the practice of putting in your own new posts for the sole purpose of 'bumping' your thread to the top of the list, and asking the same question again a week later as a new thread, simply because no one answered the first time. If someone has any interest in your particular topic, they'll respond, if they don't, you'll only annoy them. The practice of posting the same question in multiple Forums is barely defensible--I suppose that there are people who go straight to the Solid State Forum, for instance, but for those of us who work from the front screen, it looks pretty silly to see the same question two or three times in a row...

And folks...<i>please</i> pay at least rudimentary attention when you're starting a new thread. We've had a spate of threads recently where people just threw one in, willy-nilly. As an example, there's a new thread this evening dealing with speakers, but it's in the Solid State Forum. If nothing else, it'll be harder for someone to find later.
I'll fix it, but...