Please suggest a 3 SPDIf input DAC pre-amp for me


2004-10-11 5:21 pm
I'm looking for a small (preferably SMD construction) DAC pre-amp. I am building a (physically) small stereo amp (probably using SKA150 boards) and I want a purely digital input and suitable pre-amp. I would like:

3 inputs (min) on SPDIf (mix of optical and coaxial inputs)
simple switching to select input
Pre-amp I am open to tube and solid state designs
fairly compact board to fit in the case

I would also be interested in suitable pre made designs (ebay seems littered with them) that can be modified for multiple inputs (I have seen cirrus CS4816 chips in designs which have multiple inputs but not utilised in the designs)

I'd like to keep the budget under £50 and would look at second hand (didn't see much in the classifieds here)

any advice or suggestion?