Please help me select a tweeter

After a long hiatus of DIY speaker research, I once again have a job and can consider building a decent set of speakers to ditch these horrible KLH speakers I have.

I'm going for a two-way design, either TM or TMM, depending on what drivers I end up with. Either way, for the M, I want to use a Peerless 830883, which Speaker City told me they'd have in within a week or two.

For the tweeter, I was thinking XT25 or Hiquphon, but I'm worried about the power they can take. I play things LOUD, and the louder I want it, the higher I have to cross the mid, but it's hard to go very high with 830883. I know I can get a mid that goes higher, but price is somewhat of a concern.

Another thing is that I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to even the SLIGHTEST brightness in a speaker. Even a little brightness is PAINFUL to me. I have yet to hear a metal tweeter I like, though I'm not well-versed in different speaker brands to know for sure I'd dislike ALL of them.

Any suggestions? Price preferably < $100/driver, can go a little over if need be

Can I do Hiquphon OWI-fs (ferrofluid) and cross at like 2.8kHz or so second-order? If so, where can I order that? Zalytron doesn't seem to have it.

Oh, and this will be for both music (pretty much everything but rap) and HT about 60 music / 40 HT