please help me on digital decoder/splitter


2004-07-12 2:30 am
i've been searching for an already built standalone digital sound decoder that would let me setup my next HT as i want it to ( use multiples DCX as xovers and dacs )

I haven't found any chip solution for decoding surround sound digital formats there any good solution out there ? id like my system to be able to accept different signals up to the most recent ones if possible

and then decode and split into the different channels
and output seperate digital signals

anyone has work on this kind of project?

the path i'd like to take for my audio setup :

source ( PC, PS3 blabla ) -> digital output ->
custom or pro decoder - > channel assign - > split ->
DCX ( Xovers + some para) ->analogue output to amps

my setup will be :

2 front loudpseakers with 2 channels each
1 front wall of subs :)
2 side surrounds same as fronts
1 rear center same as fronts/sides

so that is 11 channels of signal

please let me knwo if you guys have any indsight on a product or something i could diy with some help :)

anything will be very appreciate, since i am still at zero point right now