please help me in fooling the infocus lp730


2010-11-22 11:16 pm
Hi all. I need help with my infocus lp730 with no lamp(I cant find schematics)

I have done this tests:

with the multimeter I have tested voltages between the 3 wires(red-white-black(ground)) in the photo, with the vpr on, before the discharge and after:

white-black 1,28V 1,28V
red-black 0V 1,07V
red-white 1,28V 0,18V

Then, I have tried to shortcircuit:
red-white ---> vpr runs and I can hear the discharge sound
white-black---> vpr runs and I can hear the discharge sound
red-black----> vpr runs but I can't hear the discharge sound

In all these 3 shortcircuits I have tried to use a torch to illuminate within the lamp case but the vpr didn't show anything.(I also tried to look into the optics but nothing)
Can you help me?
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