Please help me check the Aleph Front end PCB Layout

I incorporated Aleph 60 & Aleph 2 circuits and just finished a rough 2-sided Aleph Front-end PCB ready to be made professionally. Since I am new at this, can the many experienced experts review my circuit layout and let me know if there are any mistakes or anything I overlooked. Thank you very much for your help.


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Hello acliao!

How do you want to make your PCBs?
Do you want to proceed at home, or you will order it from PCB manufacturer.
If you are make it at home, I recommend to use single sided layout. It is much more easier to make it.
The layout itself looks ok. The FETs position have to be checked minimum twice.
Review the high current part, because it seems, the trace width at some point getting not so wide, especially close to source/drain in/out, on top layer.

Are the output resistors fits into small place? Which type you will use?