Please advise on my set up.


2016-01-25 6:31 pm
Glad I found this forum, hopefully get some education!
I have had a couple of T amps ( both Muse) for a year or so and never really used them...
Muse S7 with FLAC and WAV reader TDA7498L 2 x 80w
Muse TPA 3123 2 x 50w
I am using the 7498 with the following set up:
Technics SL5 turntable stock cartridge Ellip stylus
Behringer PP400 pre amp
Muse 7498
budget Acoustic solutions AV21 50 W RMS 8 OHM
Sensitivity (dB)84Peak Music Power (W)90Power RMS (W)50Frequency Response (Hz)100-20000
Not ideal speakers I know, just want to get the set up working OK then find better. I do have some Kef Cresta 100w but ideally want very small bookshelf speakers.
But first, what sort of quality bracket is this amp in? Do I need 7498 or would the 3123 do the job ? Playing loud not envisaged, folk rock and classical at low to mid levels.
Is the Behringer pre amp OK with the T amps?
Any observation or advice most welcome........