Plate amps vs NU1000DSP or similar

hey guys, i was reading about SPA250 Plate amp that deliver [email protected], and found some behringer like NU1000DSP that have 2 x 300 or 1 x 1000 at 4ohms.

These kind of behringer have some problems to be used as subwoofer amp? can use just 1 channel or if need more power just bridge it.

Will be the SPA250 better? weight of NU are less, so maybe save some bucks in shipping fee!

I'm running a selection of iNukes in my PA system:

NU3000DSP for mid-highs, 2x10"s in parallel for ~3ohm on one side, tweeter on the other channel. Lots of clean power, and having the crossover and EQ inside the amp makes life much easier.
NU6000/6000DSP for subs. Again, loads of clean power.
NU4-6000 for monitors. 2x NU3000 in one box. Lovely. The fact that it'll drive down to 2ohm on all four channels means you can run a lot of boxes if you need to.

I do like these amps. Had one let me down once, but that was the defective diode problem in the NU6000s that seems to have been solved. Had enough amp channels elsewhere to get through, so no biggie.