Plans and changes

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1: “Windswept” gets a tweeter revision, the Seas 27tffc replaces the D25, which was always a dubious proposition with the P21WO unless I went to a higher order x-o, and you could hear it stuggling when you wound the speakers up !!.

2. The D25’s get used in another pair of ARGOS tqwt’s with the P17, two pairs are being made, the other will use the P17 with a TC26 tweeter, or maybe I’ll experiment with a 6.5” Seas driver cos I can get them now !!!.

3. Finish the 3-way Vifa pyramids, (first coat of clear went on the sides this arvo, probably 4 coats) then that gets masked and a few more coats of gloss black go on the front
Drivers are P21wo, P13wh (in stuffed open back tube) and the TC26 tweeter, 3-way linked series x-o, as per Wil’s sims on my web site with tweet padding changes.

4. Find motivation and energy to complete “Conehead” with Peerless 850122,+ TB eyeball tweeters.

5. “Trinity” to get Peerless HDS tweeter to replace XT25 for better power handling at lower x-o point (it uses ferrofluid) , also because I want to make a full Peerless HT system using the Trinity style, and want to use the same tweeter all round ! 5” hds + hds tweet as rears, and probably 5”hds x2 + hds tweeter, angled mtm centre. or maybe do a 6.5” hds centre if I can find the right 3” driver to do a w-t/m-w, (decisions, decisions) !!

6. Investigating higher efficiency driver for a pair of tqwt to run off the Dynacos, the Trinity’s sound great at low and mid volume, but just need more power than the Dynacos can provide to give me the volume I sometimes want!
Maybe use XT25 tweeter from “Trinity” here ??

7. DIY 2000 drivers to be re-designed into an ARGOS designed cabinet !!
Great drivers, love the sound of them, can’t stand the rectangular box !!!

8. Investigate construction process and accurate design of the 3-way Audax transmission line using those lovely pods I got turned for the tweeters. (see bottom of drawing board page on my web site) ! again, lots of decisions and research needed here !

9. **** I am shortly changing to an ADSL connection which entails a change of web URL, won’t that be fun !!! Maybe time to register a domain name ¿¿¿
what's a parallel x-o ¿¿¿¿

chuckle !!

I do use them with PA stuff, mainly cos i'm not sure how a series would work with a piezo driver. ( maybe I'll figure that one out someday )

I have tried parallel a couple of times, but even though one was from a source I respect very much, it still seemed to lack dynamics and life compared to the series i was using with the same drivers. So I stick with series !!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.