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Placid 2.0.1 Voltage and Current modification


2008-12-12 5:59 am
Hello Dear All

I want to use one of my Placid power supplys (Version 2.0.1) at 12 Volts and about 300mA with a current headroom of 50-60mA. Is this possible and what do I need to modify at the Placid 2.0.1 stock configuration (5,5 Volt for the Buffalo II)?
The manual says R2 must be 511 Ohm for 12 Volt. Which voltage should have the transformer? I think the stock transformer that was originally supplied by TPA with 2 x 9 Volts is a bit to weak. I have also some of the 50VA 2 x 15 Volts transformers from them. The last question would be, which value should have the CCS Pot VR1 for a CCS current of 350mA?

I would be very thankful if someone would help a little bit.

Kind Regards