Pirmary over secondary in a toroid

I'm planning on ordering some custom toroids for GC (from Europe) using amorphous core.

I have here a Definitive Technlogy toroid (from Apex Jr) with primary done over the secondary windings.

I was wondering if there is any specific advantage for audio, winding transformers in this way. It definitely produces less inrush current, and the sound is very good, but does it indeed have much advatnatge (or disadvantage) over more coventional methods of transformer winding?
So I ordered 2 pairs of transformers: one with secondary on the outside, the other with primary over secondary, both with amorphous cores.

The one with secondary closer to the core sounds better (to me).
No issues with a noise either.

Those are 300VA units with 50% larger dia. secondary wire.


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