Pioneer Elite SC-25 A/V receiver with ICEPower Class-D technology

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The Pioneer® Elite® SC-25 A/V receiver is the entry point for Pioneer’s exclusive Direct Energy HD amplifier with ICEPower® Class-D technology; specifically designed to bring a new level of performance to stereo and multi-channel surround sound. The driving force for its development was the anticipation of new uncompressed soundtracks from Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD Master audio now emerging on the Blu-Ray Disc® format, bringing sonically exact studio duplication into the home.

Pioneer USA - SC-25 - 7-Channel A/V Receiver using class-D ICEpower amp & AIR Studios Monitor Sound Tuning Certification

Could this be the long awaited ICEPower debut of a ICEPower/Tripath Amplifier from their purchase of the Tripath Class T Patents when Tripath folded?

If anyone has any more info on this please post it, Thanks!

Happy Holiday's!
Thanks theAnonymous1, I think you are right. I must be getting old :)

My brother in-law just got an Pioneer Elite SC-25 and said it blew away his two year old $1500 Denon receiver, that is now sitting on a shelf. So I checked into it and saw the ICEPower class D. I may have to sell a couple of my receivers and then pick one of these up!

Btw, I still have your Moto DCP 501 as part of my Tripath collection that is now up to 6 or 7 different amps/Tripath based electronics. I have sold some, as I've bought more. Your Moto is a Work of Art! All of the mods you did to it are amazing, from the removeable power cord (which is nice as I have since found out different power cords will give out different sound with this and my CD/DVD players), to the 5 sets of Banana speaker posts (huge). The real Artwork is on the inside! With the: 5 - Jantzen Audio Cross Cap 3.3 uf 400 v MKP caps, and the 5 - Huge Torrodial core output coils! I just pulled the top off to look at them again it's been awhile.

This theAnonymous1 modified receiver shines as an home theater Dolby Digital receiver for DVD movies, and better from a different DVD player optical out. For music the sound is the best from an seperate CD/DVD player through RCA's, my Z200i's. I switch this modified moto in and out every so often of our main home theater system with a couple of Pioneer Elite's, A Yamaha N600, an Onkyo tx-ds595. It drives my wife nuts! :) The main highlight there is my Definitive Technology Center channel speaker, the CLR 2002. A must have to build your home theater system around, I'm serious this can be the foundation of ANY home theater system! It gets down to 30 Hz, and it goes from 30Hz – 30kHz and sounds amazing!

For music I mostly listen to my Sansui 8900ZDB hooked up to four front A&B speakers. This system is setup in the basement. I will switch some of my Tripath stuff in now and then, but the 8900ZDB sound is just too good to have any of my other "stuff" to get too much "play" time. The four main speakers adds a lot, but that Sansui 8900ZDB sound is amazing! :) The Sansui powers my Paradigm Monitor 3 v3 speakers & my Definitve Technology DR-7's. A great combo! Sound is input via my Toshiba sd-3750 dvd player with an audio dynamic range of 108db, and a sweet sounding DAC. Wires include the no longer made Monster Z200i RCA's, and musical Monster Z4 speaker cables round it out.

I've also done a lot of experimenting with Power issolation, and Monster clean power. That have both yeilded excellent results when used together.

For power I use a Monster power HTS 1000 MKII and a Monster power HDP 2400, each from seperate outlets to seperate components. Thus the power issolation, and the difference is amazing. :) Try it.

Sorry for rambling on!

Next up: the Tripath 2050 chip boards!
Yes, it's amazing how quickly time goes by. It's great to talk with you again after several years at least since I bought the moto from you! Thanks again.

I will more than likely grab one of those Pioneer elite SC-25's after I sell a few other receivers on ebay. I have to get over to my brother in-law's and listen to his first. When I do I'll post how it sounds here. But he said it sounded great, and now you say that ICEPower stuff sounds great also. Yes, it is too bad you sold that ICEPower monoblocks if they sounded that good. Was it better than the new Tripath stuff out there?

We will have to keep in touch more this time.

Have a great Holiday!
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