Pioneer DEX-P9 Help


2007-04-11 9:42 pm
i'm working on a very nice pioneer premeir DEX-P9 that has lost power to the face apparently but i get illumination around the dial and buttons. i suspected the ribon cable from the face to the main unit but upon inspection it looks ok and read continuity from pin to pin with my fluke meter. every now and then if i press the eject button the face will rotate down and go up on it's own a few seconds later. the display is out but once when i got the face to go down i got the display to come on momentarily. this was while i had the cd module removed. when the face moved and the display came on there was a small blue light on in the front of the unit behind the face plate. could it still mbe the ribbon cable or maybe parts inside the face itself? i see a small ding on the corner of the face that looks like it was dropped but not badly.

also there is a larger zener diode to the left of the power input harness as you look inside the unit. it is transperent glass and red with white stripes i think and i can't get a reading on diode check from it. anyone know what this?

anyone have a clue what the problem could be? there is also a cd stuck inside that i would like to get out.