Pioneer CDJ Buttons behaving randomly Problems. Dim Play light


2010-11-18 6:31 pm
Hi Guys, having problems with a few Pioneer CDJ's. Similar sort of problems wondered if any body knew what could be going on.

CDJ 800 - Pressing the buttons on tempo slider board seem to be confused. for example: You could press the master temp button and the tempo range would change. and visa versa. also switching vinyl mode on and off can change the temp range or turn master tempo on or off. The same happens with the eject button. I've temporarily swapped the board out with another and it resolves the problem. Just wondering where to look on the board to fix the issue? It's got to be a common issue? This doesn't happen every single time, maybe 3 out of 10 times it does something it shouldn't

CDJ 2000 - Same as above, same buttons, its all on the main control board so harder to narrow the problem down

CDJ 2000 Nexus - Similar to above with buttons controlling other functions. I have this one with buttons from the eject and memory, delete all interfering with each other. Pressing eject tries to save a cue point everytime at the same time as ejecting the disc.

CDJ 2000 - Dim green ring play light - common fault reading on the internet just want to know if i can fix it myself rather than buying another cue board.

Any help or light on any of the issues will be much appreciated?