Pinout diagram needed for M-Audio 2496 DB9 connector

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I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard but do not have the breakout cable that should come with it (I bought it on Ebay). I would like to connect my music keyboard to the card's DB9 connector via midi in/out. I have the DB9 male connector but to make the proper cable I need a pinout diagram of the female DB9 on the card. I have searched the net for many hours and it seems that M-Audio has done an excellent job of keeping their pinouts secret! Does anyone have any tips?
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Audiophile 2496 breakout cable

Here are some photos of my own breakout cable that was supplied with a new Audiophile 2496 card

Perhaps you can figure out the connections you need from these
photos - (no guarantees)

This first photo shows the entire breakout cable - it has a MALE
9 pin connector that connects to the card

It has two female 5 pin din connectors and two rca type female

One of the 5 pin din connectors is labeled "out"
and the other 5 pin din connector is labeled "in"

One of the rca connectors is labeled "out"
and the other rca connector is labeled "in"

I will post other photos to show how the pins on the MALE 9 pin
connector relate to the female 5 pin din and the female rca


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attached is a photo of the 9 pin connector on an M-audio 2496 card
with pin numbers added

pins 1,4,6 go to a female 5 pin din connector labeled midi out

pins 5,9 go to a female 5 pin din connector labeled midi in

pins 3,8 go to an rca female plug labeled S/PDIF out

pins 2,7 go to an rca female plug labeled S/PDIF in

Examples of 5 pin din connectors of this type can be seen at

part# 275-1002-ND 5 pos in-line plug (female)

part# 275-1008-ND 5 pos in-line jack (male)


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