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Pink Triangle Ordinal 24bit DAC


2010-09-30 1:18 pm
I'm about to put my Pink Triangle Ordinal DAC (24bit filter) on ebay but wanted to give the opportunity to have an enthusiast give it a new home. I've had the DAC for 6yrs moving from a Sony setup to Linn gear over the preceding years. I'm intending to go for a Linn ds so the Ordinal is no longer going to be used. Some of the specs are in this article

http://www.gramophone.net/Issue/Page/January 1994/128/814178/Pink+Triangle+Ordinal

and this one is good too


The 24bit filter was an added on (£600) and is the last filter that PT produced.

I live in London and would recommend collection over postage but would be happy to post at your risk.

If you are interested get in touch with an offer.

If your leanings are towards vinyl you won't be disappointed the PT sound is very smooth and analogue.


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