pictures of my last project

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2 years of hard work for this one and only carbon enclosure :bigeyes:
TMW scanspeak revelator serie

more information on my web site :

marvelous sound. No speaker on the market under +/- 15000€ can keep the comparison.


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I have use different amplifier (mosfet or tube). It doesn't matter the drive, the sound is always very natural and space full in three dimension. With a sensitivity 89db/m/w you can use this package with +/- all amplifier. Personnaly I use a tube amplifier (cayn 530 PP KT100) during 6 month and the result was marvelous (excepted under 100 hz) but with a Aleph XA your eyes are watering. My cd Transport is the rare High end Enlightened Audio Design T8000.

to have a repair for the picture below of the very big crossovoer the aluminium plat are 48cms of diameter ???:smash:
ADYN CAP plus +/-2%, resistance +/- 2% trafokern r=0.08ohm


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one answer for twoo questions.

Yes it's my last project (study of form, capacity, speaker,crossover...) but its not my last realisation. I have paint this one because I was not satisfy with the external aspect, but because there is always a but ............ now I have find THE trick to do a perfect sphere in carbon:eek: I can let the carbon without paint with perfect finition (For a sphere Nobody do that before I think). Wait and you will see

For the materiel I start to compare a lot of components (speaker, condo, Resist...) and my opinion it's the following :
No speaker in a sphere are not more natural that a Scanspeak Revelator. I have listen BW serie 800 and I'm just impress with the control of the low bass but don't worry my Scanspeak 25w8565-01 charged in 130 L vented box go down, only -2.5db at 25hz and -7 at 20hz


Like I said for midrange the 15w8530 in close box is so natural.
For tweeter I use D2905/99000 with voice of girl like Lisa Ekdahl you can touch her.
The XO is 2order for the three.
Now I go sleep but I will be back Tomorrow with mesure with Cliowin :bawling:
Madmike2Are those transformers in the picture Can you please explain what they do ? I have only seen them used for ribbons and electrostats.

I used Trafokern like a self when I have self in the Signal. The advantage of the Trafokern is the Low resistance. For example a lot of peaple use self from Tritec, but with the same inductance the resistance is +/- 75% less with the trafo:dead:
The resistance is more or less nul. Like that you don't change the impedance value of your XO. Tomorrow I will publish on my web site some mesure that I have made with CLioWin for Phase, impedance, response, and you will see the coherence of the unity (speaker/XO). A other think about the chosse of trafokern is the sound. I do comparaison with some other (Tritec, CFI, Corobar, ...) but none sound like trafo. One thing more the self will be never saturated. :angel:
This is some of the most dramatic beautiful diy speakers I have ever seen. And I meen ever.
I would love to know the Crossover schematics, cause I am building a couple of speakers with the same drivers, except that the tweeter is the SS9800 instead of the 9700.

Best Regards
and greetings from Norway.
:whazzat: the measurement is on the home page of my site but Where ??
When you go to the home page you have some picture. If you click on the Harmonica you find the measurement of the phase.
If you click on the guitare you see the impulse response and if you click on the accordeon you see the impedance in 1/3 octave.
Well I know It's not easy to find but I don't have the time to change that now.

And WHY I don't have the time ??? BECAUSE I make the last, very last,ultimate version of the C4. I cut all the face of the big enclosure of the woofer and I replace that with a 30 mm aluminium plate. Inside I have introduce a matrix (like BW nautilus). The sandwich is made now with 3 kinds of materiel. I have tuned a incredible absorber sound to put inside the cabinet. I have made some test with this an the result was really good. I decide also more integred the tweeter in medium sphere. The XO stay the same but the cable will change.I will use speakon connector. I will use the solution to keep the carbon outside.
Ok, patience, I already know the result because I have tested all upgrading and I can tell you the result will be totaly crazy (like me you said).
In 50 days I will be back with the new speaker C4, new website C4, and I will publishe all my little secrets. For all Européen guys I will made demonstration in some shop where I know the Bos (certainly in belgium, france, Luxemburg).

:devilr: :devilr:
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