picture of the inside of the ML rosette! - This is fun! Compare it with korsun u2

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Take a look at this! :devilr:

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

and compare it with the pics of the korsun u2 on the page : http://www.geocities.com/super_bq/Korsun.html

the price tag for the ML rosette in denmark : 29000dkr.

I do not know what the price is for the korsun but certainly not 29000dkr!!!!

Feed him to the sharks!!!!!

yeah, a lot of people have asked Mark Levinson about this, and he said he does use the same factory as the Korsun but that everything is produced "to his elevated standards" etc. etc. i read a letter from him to someone saying how he had the "highest regard for Chinese engineering ingenuity" or some BS like that. so basically yeah, it is a Korsun marked up 10x. i think some parts are upgraded but it is virtually identical. i know of one person who actually took a Korsun he modded a little (just parts substitutions) to a Red Rose dealer and A-B'ed them, and they did sound a little different (parts differences?) but they were about equally good.

incidentally, as soon as the Red Rose came out, the Korsun was no longer exported to the US. probably some exclusivity contract with Red Rose. i tried to get my hands on one, but to no avail. a friend who has relatives in China said he might try but chances are slim at the moment. too bad, it looks like a really sweet little piece, i'd buy it for $200USD just for the nice little chassis and heat sinks. :p
Re: So they are probably identical.

But what I wonder is, are they any good?

supposedly they are quite nice. for $200, they are definitely worth it.

If they are good, is it possible to get the inexpensive one in the US?

nope, already tried. if it was possible, how would red rose sell any? :p they have an exclusive deal with Korsun that makes them the only North American distributor i believe. which is what RRM amounts to, a distributor with a big commission....
I would like to hear the korsun. It is a beautyfull looking amp...

More and more chinese products are being sold in denmark, and the tests is really good!

Also there craftmanship (spelling?) is really good to.

I think Levison should consider start designing some amps that is there price tags worthy... Nelson Maybe you should start teaching him!? :wiz: maybe you could start a school like the one in harry potter hi hi hi

FYI everyone -

Here in Italy the list price for ML's Rosette (yes that's the one that costs $2000 stateside) is...

wait for it...

approx. $800 :bigeyes:

That's more than 3 times LESS than what the same - supposedly American - amp costs in its home market.

Just thought I'd let you know - confirmation of suspicions that there is something fishy going on.

Regards, Jonathan
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