Pics af my ALEPH 2

As promised, here are the pics of your amps (I say your amps because without this forum and all of you, there woulldn't have been any amps).
Just finished listenning to Patricia Barber and currently listenning Serge Gainsbourg, I have to say there are great and worth the time spent !

Thanks again and here are the pics (including my DIY speakers)


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Sorry Jason, you're wrong !

It's not the power supply of the preamp : it's the amp of the sub.
This is a linn sizmik in the custom version. They sell it to be mounted in the wall. So I bought it and made the cabinet for the driver, but I need time to make one for the amp. Save 40 % by buying the kustom serie. It sound's good, but not enough compared to the rest. I think I'm going to build a new one, I'd like to build it with an big ALtec or something like that. Then, I'll have to build an amp able to make it work (won't be an aleph, I still don't know what), and then the active crossover of Sir Nelson Pass.