PicoScope parallel port PC scopes

Hey. I've got an older Picoscope scope, the 16bit version, an am pretty happy with it. My old PC is starting to worry me a bit though and new ones dont have parallel ports. According to Picoscope there are no parallel-USB adapters that will work with these scopes. (Probably to make us buy new ones).
Anybody out there found a special USB converter, or a parallel adapter card that works with new computers?


2011-07-17 10:19 pm
Are you able to install a parallel printer port PCI card inside your computer ? These are still available at a low price (£8.99 here in the UK). The other issue may be that the old application software may not run on today's versions of Windows.
Good luck ! Keep us informed.


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2004-03-24 5:16 am
SF Bay Area
Pico did make an adapter for a short while. They use the parallel port in a full parallel way and you need more than the usual USB to parallel printer interface. It was always an issue because of the bandwidth needed. A PCI or PCIE to parallel port card would work. EBay is the place to get one. Not a laptop option.

The possible USB to parallel options are all too expensive to explore.

The QA400 makes more sense if you need to replace the Picoscope. The Picoscope software is still the best USB scope software I have used by far.