Pickering XV-15/625E with D625. Question??

Does anybody know if there is a difference between a D625 and a D625E stylus, or are they the same thing. I just bought a Technics turntable on ebay-Germany with a Pick. XV-15. The box says XV-15/625E, but the stylus just says D625 and not D625E. I looked at it with a 10X magnifying glass and the needle does not look like a spherical needle. Did I get ripped off?
With 10x magnification I doubt you will see whether the stylus is elliptical or spherical. You rather need 50x to 100x, but not more as then the depth of focus does not cover the stylus dimension anymore.

If you find out the stylus to be spherical, keep it!
You may find that you want to play a vinyl record form the early 50ies you got on ebay. Or an RCA white dog "Dynagroove" which needs a sperical stylus for its tracking distortion correction to work.

This correction adresses the distortion caused by the stylus' shape/diameter. It can be corrected mathematically but a closed solution only exists for a sphere. In fact it was done with analog computing imposed on the cutting signal, and RCA used tube-based operational amplifier circuits for this.