PicASize-Desktop image resizing utility

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Just wanted to thank the DIY forum for helping me make a great projector.

To that end I offer up a little program I wrote in Visual Basic .NET to resize the video image and other windows.
I tried Powerstrip but didn’t like it, so I wrote this to do the job that I wanted done.

Tie this program(PicASize) to an ATI Remote Wonder or programmable keyboard or mouse button to launch it.
When it starts it will position and size the topmost running program, your moving image. You can also target the program by tab name.

It allows ultra quick easy adjusting of image position and size from ATI’s Remote or keyboard via arrows and return key. you can cycle up to 50 general preset sizes and positions, or it will remember up to 500 presets based on TAB names of programs.

If you have a long throw, and are using less of your actual desktop image to project, this program is for you.

Download PicASize at its website.
click to visit the site

Good Luck,
PicaSize should work fine, but the program is not targeting anything, or is targeting your mouse program. There is a pretty good help file for you to follow online, and with the program, I hope they help...

Try This; open a folder or a text program for PicASize to target as the top window. click somplace on the window such that it is active and the Topmost program, then launch PicAsize with your mouse button. It should work.

I re-wrote the code just a little for you and your issue though, just to be sure its not PicAsize.

Download a new copy of PicASize1.1, and try the above again.

If you don't see anything happen, press ESC before PicaSize closes(at about 6 seconds.) This will bring up the Settings window.

With the selection in the Settings Window set on "Target Top", the TAB name of the window that PicASize identified as your Topmost will appear in the un-checked "Target Window" field.

Determine if this was infact the active topmost window, the text file or Folder you had open on the desktop to test with.

If it was not, you will need to Target by TAB Name the program you want to effect in this field, check the checkbox, and use PicASize in a limited way.

Good Luck,

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.