Pic of my first speaker

I've owned lots of commercial speakers and didn't want to build a small speaker as my first project so I decided to go all out. This speaker uses (10) of the Vifa JBL 4.5" 6ohm buyouts from PE as well as a single Fountek JP-2.0 ribbon tweeter. Using a Behringer DCX2496 with the crossover set to 2500hz. The sound is PHENOMENAL!

I still need to make bases for them and will paint them with the same black truckliner spray I used for the baffles. Also, I used a flash with this picture so the birch sides resemble the darker, bottom portion of the speaker.

Tell me what you think:


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2003-08-03 12:52 am
Very nice job! I am interested to hear your opinion of the bass performance of the 4.5" Vifa buyouts.

-How low do they go?
-Are you running them sealed? How big a box?
-Have you got any BSC cranked into the crossover?
-What kind of base are you building and what material are you using?

I'm close to completing a line array of my own with the 12 ohm version of the Vifa's and a DIY ribbon.