PHY vs. Suprovox vs. Feastix etc.

I have searched here but find little comparisons between these hi-end full range drivers. I have heard the Jordan JX92 and found the sound to be very thin but otherwise clear and uncolored. Maybe with the right amp....... but I have yet to find that amp. The Fostex F200A by Bob Brines was full but rough in the HF and small sweet spot I guess due to the large driver.
Looking at the response curves, PHY also seems very rough in the HF and Supravox has terrible decay. I don't know if I would like any driver over 3-4" because of the poor off-axis dispersion.
I do not like colored, euphoric sound nor do I need a high efficiency driver as I use solid state. just something clearer and bigger with a "you are there" quality to the sound as compared to Tang-Band. Maybe just a Tang-Band in quarter wave cabinet would make the most sense.
The best compromise seems to be a larger 6" driver running full range without x-over to 5kHz and adding a supertweeter aka Epos or Verity Parsifals. The Audio technology stuff looks very impressive but needs big power to come to life and does not do well at lower volume levels. I listen at 60-75db and rarely 80dB in my 13' x 15' room.