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Phono Cartridges, Headshells and Sleds FS!

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Phono Cartridges, Headshells and Sleds FS/FT!

For sale: Cartridges, headshells and Cartridge Sleds.

Prices do not include shipping- most of these can be shipped, within the USA, as a US Mail First Class Parcel for a few dollars.

All cartridges have been visually inspected, and have continuity in the coils (measured by VOM).

Cartridges/Cartridge bodies:

2- Shure V15 V/MR type bodies. Broken stylus. $100 each.

1- Empire Phase 1000 cartridge (purple stylus carrier), moving magnet, good stylus. $35.00

1- Shure/Realistic R47XT. Same as Shure M95ED. Good stylus. $35.00

1- Shure/Realistic R47. Good stylus $20.00

1- Pickering V15/AME3 cartridge $20.00

1- Pickering UV15 (quad) with D2000-Q stylus, brush and needle cover $35.00


1- BIC 920/40/60/80 headshell. $10.00

1- BIC 920/40/60/80 headshell WITH CHANGER VTA ADJUST SLIDER. $20.00

1- Pioneer plastic (silver) headshell, SME connector. $6.00

1- "generic" cast-metal (silver) headshell. $6.00

1- "generic" stamped-metal (black) headshell. $5.00

Cartridge Sleds:

1- Dual 12xx series, pin connectors, WITH CHANGER VTA ADJUST TURN-KNOB (RARE!!!). $50.00

1- Garrard C2A cartridge sled $15.00

1- Dual 269-611 cartridge carrier adapter- for ULM/TKR-cartridge equipped Dual turntables to use standard half-inch mount phono cartridges. VERY RARE. $50.00.
This adapter is for the following Dual turntable models:
Dual 505 turntable
Dual 505-1 CS 505-1 turntable
Dual 506-1 turntable
Dual 508 CS 508 turntable
Dual 528 CS 528 turntable
Dual 1254 turntable
Dual 1258 CS 1258 turntable
Dual 1268 CS 1268 turntable


BTW: I do not have Paypal- I usually work with USPS postal money orders.




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Will also trade for tube parts- output transformers, 6L6GC/5881/7581, 7591, 7868, 12AX7, 12AY7, 12BH7, EF86, 7199, GZ34/5AR4, and others...

Could also use a pair of decent compression horn drivers- Selenium D210, D220, D2500, B&C DE250, and such.

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