Philips TDA1543A


Hi Mozfet,
Yes this is a extremely confusing act of the Philips Gloeilampen Fabriek located in Eidhoven the Netherlands. They don't bother to write a correct datasheet.
I have two TDA1543A that only produce noise when connected to the CS8412 digital inputreceiver whether in I2S mode or the Sony/BB mode; LSBJ in the Cirrus jargon. This version seems not to be suited for the <B>two's complement</B> format used by Sony/BB & Philips I2S but for the <B>offset binary</B> format.
Don't ask me to explain the exact difference beteen two's complement & offset binary.
The TDA1543 seems to be suitable for the I2S format as obtained from the CS8412 (two's complement)
You are luckey as you have the choice with your vendor. I ordered two TDA1543 and got two TDA1543A that are useless to me!Thank you Philips!