Philips SCD2000 sacd player prototype

I recently bought one of the 4 Philips SCD2000 sacd player prototypes. Philips used this prototypes at audio fairs around the year 2000 to demonstrate the new SACD format.

A person who works/worked at Philips told me Philips first had a prototype which didnt have 'the looks' and locked up when people pressed the buttons. After complaints Philips asked Marantz to build an custom chassis with 'sexy looks'.

That person also told me the technique used is largely similar to the technique used in the Marantz SA-1; 2 dac7's per channel.

Does anyone here know this machine, or has anyone here seen it in real life at a audio hifi show, of does anyone have pictures or other information about it?
Thx. :)

What I know about the transport that MAY be in this is, that Music Fidelity Trivista and the Krell SACD and the Phillips SACD1000 all used Philips statement high end sacd transport which had some nasty problems that couldn't be fixed (not by anyone) the problem lays in the 200 pin smd Furror Chip and the smd Mace chip both these have proper part no.'s I don't have them at the moment, but these transports were a disaster, they play fine for a while 1 to 3 years no particular time frame, then those two chips get slowly corrupted and start to play up, then the machine in time will no even boot up, it becomes an expensive paper weight, because Philips have stopped all support for these two chips. Even if one were to get new ones it's just a matter of time before these go also.
I have a gorgeous looking almost brand new boxed Musical Fidelity SACD Trivista (50lb) sitting here, they can be used as a dac also, it currently works no problem, but it too will go the way of the dodo if used too much, so I will not use it because it works at the moment, it sold here in Australia for $12,500.00 any offers, no silly ones please?
Cheers George
I have a Philips DVD-960, the transport looks excact the same.
The dvd960 uses a VAM 3000 transport, if i am correct.

The Philips sacd1000 is the same as the Marantz SA-12S1.


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Lucky, that's not the top sacd transport that Philips made for the MF Trivista, Krell sacd, Philips SACD-1000 and now the Marantz SA-12S1,
I cannot get a model no. for this transport it's large very well built with a huge decoder/servo board mounted under it, all that's on it that I could see was " ML6" and I got this from somewhere as well "SACD LOADER 4641" anyone know?

Cheers George
On you can search on 'dvd960001', in the searchresult you can select 'laserunit-dvd'. Also you can select 'dvd transport', that gives the following number:

Attached is another pic of the val3000

I guess its still available.

I am happy to read the mechanisme is not the one you told about :)


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