Philips DAT880

I recently bought this Philips DAT880. I never heard of it, or seen it in Philips magazines. I am not sure if it has been on the market, here in Holland it has not been sold. I know Philips sold a DAT850, it was a JVC rebadge (JVC XDZ-505).

The seller told me this DAT880 is a prototype. Only 4 were built.

Now, i wonder if that is true. I am looking for information to see if what he says is true.

What i would like to know is, has JVC build a DAT recorder with a TDA1541 d/a converter? Because the DAT880 has a tda1541.
If JVC did not build a DAT with a tda1541, the DAT880 probably would not be a rebadged JVC.

Can anyone tell me if JVC built a DAT recorder with a tda1541 in it? And/or can anyone tell me more about the DAT880?

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2008-03-20 2:58 pm
guido said:
The picture is quite dark. Google is easier :D

does not look like it's a top of the line model.

Sony, guessed well. Looked too good inside to be a real prototype instead of a rebadge.


If you look at this Marantz DAT (see link above), it has the same display and sort of controlls like the DAT850, the improved JVC 505

Bye the way i'm new here.


2008-04-07 8:33 pm
This is one pic of the DT-84

Hi, I am new here, this is my first post.

Here you have your first pic of the Marantz DT-84. And it was sold too for just a few bucks.. (26 australian dollars to be exact)

I have seen this unit in multiple brochures.




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