Philips CD614 cd player distortion at music peaks

Its my Philips cd player brought from Salzburg in Athens at 1990.
Was there for months (the distortion) but finally I decided to take a look.
All elec. capacitors replaced, the laser lens was cleaned up. Laser current and laser focus are ok according to the service manual also any slight rotation of the pots didnt help at all.Voltage values to the opamps and the dac are ok.Strange but you can't hear this distortion through the headphones output only via the rca outputs and it is more audible at left channel..
All the other hifi components and cables (and the cd) of the chain are ok and double checked. Any idea will be very appreciated.

You can hear it here: YouTube
I had a similar problem with my CD 204 which is indeed a completely different player.
I "fixed" it by disconnecting the headphone amplifier. I still have to find out what is wrong, but just unplugging the haedphone amp, fixed my distortion problems. Not sure if that is doable on CD 614, but worth a try.