Philips AZ1508


I have a Philips AZ1508 portable CD/tape/radio. The CD player started skipping & saying "No disc" about 6 months ago. 4 months ago it gave up altogether & only showed "No disc".

After reading loads I ordered a VAM1202 laser tray. Fitted that successfully but it still didn't work. I then realised I had a CDM12.1/15 in the original & after reading realized there were issues between VAM1202 and VAM1201. So I took the laser unit out of the new VAM1202 and fitted it into the old tray. It still doesn't work. I've double checked all wiring (only took 1 wire off at a time & all colours went to correct solder points). All solder points are good.

I've checked the ribbon cable & that's seated fine & has no damage. The tray opens/closes - and there's some ticking the very first time the draw closes, but after that nothing - the tray just opens again.

Is there a problem with the CD PCB in the eco-shortloader? I've had a good look over the board and none of the components are burnt out.

Is it possible to get a complete eco-shortloader unit? Possibly out of an older CD player? Any idea which units I should be looking at please? Guess I don't only need to look at portables, but could consider old Philips (possibly Marrantz?) CD-R players too?

Radio & tape work fine. Unit has good sound so better half would like it fixed if poss.

Many thanks for your help guys!
BTW: This was my 1st time taking an audio unit apart - so you are dealing with a novice here, but any advice taken on board & very keen to learn....

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