Philips AD 0160 Tweeter Replacement

I'm restoring a pair of old Madisound Phantom Transmission Line kit speakers from the late 70's. After about $200 in veneer, stain, etc., they look good but could sound better. The old Philips mylar domed tweeters are a bit hot and harsh on the high end. Felt rings helped a bit, but they still aren't as nice as I hoped. The crossover is a 1st order on the bottom, 2nd order on the top, and the 8uF cap is now a polypropylene.

Found a datasheet here:
but there's no spec for efficiency so it's pretty hard to figure out what would make a good match. If the new tweeters are a little higher in efficiency they can be padded down, but I really don't want to buy tweeters that are less efficient, there's no easy way to fix that. These tweeters were used in a ton of old speakers, including DCM Time Windows. Research on the net has yielded a couple of suggestions - Vifa D19TD-05, Seas Prestige 19TFF1, Morel MDT29, but I feel like I'm pretty much shooting in the dark.

Anyone have full specs on the Philips tweeters, or experience in replacing them with something better?
I assume the 160T are the old Philips tweeters I'm trying to replace. (?) The current crossovers are 2nd order. Hopefully the response isn't quite as bad as your plots. Still haven't decided on a specific tweeter, but I suspect that I'll have to update the LC on the crossover to match the new tweeter.
For it's time it is not a bad tweeter. If crossed over at 3 kHz it has a gentle rise of 5 dB in an even slope up to 17 kHz. Slightly off axis it should be flatter. If it running flat out you need to replace it with a high sensivity dome. If it padded down that is not needed