Phase difference on two different subwoofers

I have two subwoofers which will be described as follows:

The first sub
1. closed enclosure
2. 8" driver
3. fb = 56 Hz

The second sub
1. passive radiator
2. 5.25" active driver
3. 8" passive driver
4. fb= 28 Hz

I wonder if these two subs are played simultaneously, will it cause phase differences, resulting in dips or peaks in frequency response due to phase interference at some frequencies since they have different resonance frequencies (fb)?
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The best answer you will get is by plugging them in. I intermingle subs and there sizes all the time. It might be more my imagination but doing so seems to tame nodes more effectively and notch bass that much closer to a flatter response. I have PR and sealed boxes (subwoofer drivers only) with no phase issues you described. The only difference in my scenario is the sizes of my speakers.