phantom pcm 1732

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Hello to everybody,
I have a NAD c542 which uses a Burr Brown pcm 1732 dac.
On the Texas Instruments site I could not find any info on this chip.
Does anybody have a data sheet of this *secret* chip, or does anybody know if it has any other name or reference?

Thank you very much.:D

pcm1710,1716, & 1732 are almost electrical identical on info datasheet

nad c541 is a beatuifull unit to heavily mod and surpasses much more expensive units!!!

the clock is located on the dac not on the servo! so start replacing the clock with a good one 16.9344megs,eliminate the 2 transistor output mutes near the rca outs (that prevents thumps when powering & off) it can be replaced with an relay.

these 2 small tweaks will perform a way lot better than you can imagine.

later start changing caps.

good luck!:D :D :D :D
:D Thank you very much guys!
I found the datasheet, but I still wonder why Texas Instrument hides it. There are a lot of very good machines out there running this chip and they have an outstanding reputation! Furthermore HDCD is to me a very good technology, even if it is not very popular.:dodgy:
I think I am going to bite off those nasty muting transistor and maybe substitute them with relays. Any advice? (please) Are thei useful only when powering up the cd player with the amp on, or they serve also when the cd player enters/exits stanby mode? ( or play/stop?)
Richt, what do you mean that the clock is not on the servo? there is a clock (at least a crystal) on the main board.. It should syncronize both the transport and the dac, or am I wrong?
Sould I do any special to install a better one (e.g. LC XO, etc)?
Would you recommend one in particular?
Franz G, thank you very much, you built some appetite in my curiosity... but I think you've gone too far for my ability and understanding of the matter.
Maybe I will post you in the future, when I'll have more confidence with these issues:whazzat:

Bye and have a very good time!

24-Bit, 96kHz, Stereo Audio DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER With HDCD Decoder

This is the only DAC from BB, which includes the HDCD decoder.
This is not for commercial market, only OEMs can buy those chips.
There are several licensing rules applies (AFAIK, the HDCD technology and all licenses related to it owned by Microsoft now...).
That is why you can not find in product range and can not buy it.
I have the PCM1738e in my Musical Fidelity A3.24, but it does'nt have HDCD, it' a 24/96 or 24/192 switchable. Below is 1/2 of the circuit as my scaner can only do A4 and it's A3. I'll do the other 1/2 in another post.

Cheers George


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Hi John,

Thank you for clearing that up!! Must be annoying to work hard, share a kickass solution and then not get due credit for it!! :apathic:

Now, I must get on and look up that Elno Quaker clock soluton. :clown:

BTW, could you qualitatively descibe the power loss experience in bypassing the op-amps? -Are we talking about having to raise the volume on our amp / pre-amp to 1/2 or 3/4 full blast when we would otherwise listen at 1/4 or 1/3?

Sorry if this question makes no sense, but I'm new...

Cheers! :drink:
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Hardly groundbreaking, what other DIY'ers have done, more than 10 years before the lousy Thoshiba were introduced.
Yes, it is simple, plastic, sounds no good, tried a lot of different mods, of my own ideas, and those on various forums...
No match for a good(simple) external DAC!
And it's even inferior as a transport...(or I'm too used to BIG Sony's, Teac and Marantz machines).

Arne K
Well, thanks for the input. I'm just fooling around with different things, I guess.

I've got a Rotel RCD-02. Even the 1072 has mixed reviews, so I suspect mine's down the pile quite a bit from the top. However, I do like having a PCM1732 that does HDCD. It's too bad that Microshaft screwed us on the ability to source this dac. I'd like to build a better external one based on this chip. (or, more likely, pay a DIY Audio guru to build one for me ;) )

I'm also told, however, that the 1732 isn't 'all that' because it's single-ended and suffers from dc-filtering needs... -I'm not there yet with understanding this limitation, myself, tho'

I plan on buying Peter Daniel's TDA1543 DAC at some point. I don't have the $bling to get myself an ML transport, though. What would you recommend that isn't stratospherically expensive for transport?

Man, this is waaaay off topic.
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