Pendulum - call for a reality check !

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This subject has been on my mind for a very long time and though I tried it many times I couldn't come to any conclusion. It sound's silly but I'd like to know how it does or does not work.
1. First you have to be in a room with no air draft.( no fans etc.)
2. Suspend any small object like a key or small stone or anything about 10 to 15 gms in weight with a piece of ordinary thread about 6 to 9 inches long.
3. Sit at a table with both arms ( elbows) resting on the table.
4. Hold the string between your fingers and raise it enough to keep the object off the table. You could even have a raised rest to support the wrist so that it doesn't shake. The other hand must be stationary and at rest.
5. Look at the object and with your mind and focus on it intently and try to make it move around in a circle. Maybe not easy to do the first time. Make sure that you start by keeping it at rest with the other hand and then release it.

After some time the object does move. It will move in the direction your mind takes it around. You can reverse direction and you can stop it. When you stop it it slows down rather abruptly as if a magnet was placed below its path.

Are the muscles in the finger causing it to move ? Then how does it stop it rather abruptly ? Is it so easy for microscopic muscle movements to be enough to make such a heavy object move in a very large circular path and also stop it ?

Have someone keenly watch the finger holding the thread while all this is happening. Maybe even attach some fine whiskers with glue on the finger to see if that moves , thereby indicating fine muscle movement.

I find it fascinating ! Sometimes it doesn't move at all for long periods and then suddenly freaks out by moving very rapidly. At other times it starts moving as soon as we try it . We have never been able to see any finger far.

I know , SY is going to come down on this rather heavily!:D
But I suggest all of you try this , not once but several times and see what conclusions you come to. Maybe just a trivial exercise but interesting too !;)
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Yes of course. I did forget to mention that. People have asked the same question earlier and no it doesn't move when tied to something else.
But that doesn't necessarily prove anything.
I won't go into the 'gory' details of how energy travels down the string etc.
Have an open mind and try it out yourself. Though if you are skeptical about it it might be harder to channel energy to make it move......maybe !;)

But do try it out...several times ! Make your friends try it out and see if anyone can do it. Laugh and joke about it ......but do try it out ! Another party trick to find out who has the most 'energy' !:)

It can be made to go round in a circle in any direction and it can also be made to swing in just one direction. Not just forwards and backwards or left to right but in any direction !

Might just have a 'real' simple explanation. I haven't seen one so far . The microscopic muscle movements doesn't appear possible especially with a flexible cotton thread and a significantly heavy weight.

Edit: Without any mind control etc. just try to move the same thread and weight with finger movement and see how much you have to move your fingers to get it to do this. ESPECIALLY to STOP it ! In the original case you cannot see the fingers move !
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You need to suspend the driver in a fashion which allows it to move freely along it's own horizontal axis, not swinging around an off-centre pivot point. Some good trials were made of this idea back in the 80s/90s by a Japanese designer, but from what I remember he only used the concept for the mid-range driver in a three way system.
You are right - wrong thread!!

However, that which you talk about is a simple divination tool and used to greatest effect on divination (or dousing) on maps. Being Irish I have known practitioners who would make SY's hair stand on end...all of it!

An American douser was sent some large scale drawings of a proposed stable yard, located in Ireland, which needed a fresh water supply. Not only did he accurately give the position of three underground streams, but also gave the depth at which this confluence was situated below the surface. The Douser had never been to Ireland...he used a pendulum and the maps alone. This is absolute fact. An Irish diviner - using the traditional forked stick on the ground located precisely the same location........there is a well there now which gives the required water supply.
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It might be best to research how dowsers and the like have actually performed when tested. Like most other buncombe, the stories fall apart when investigated.

There's $1MM US waiting for the first dowser to actually perform. Many have tried (see, for example, the chapter in James Randi's "Flim-Flam"), but none have even come close to succeeding. Water dowsers, metal dowsers, dowsing tools said to be able to locate bodies or explosives... all have failed when actually examined. Read about Quadro, Sniffex, ATSC... It's hard to say which is stronger, the ideomotor effect or the human desire to believe in the supernatural. for an entertaining look.
Right Sy. I've read about those tests and how the people failed.

But just for fun people should try this out and see what happens. Many might find no effect but some just might. And it might be interesting to see why they think it works for them ! Belief......faint blast of air from the nose.......microscopic muscle movement ....or what ?
I am sure this works, but the test was indeed to tie it to some stable frame. If your "mind" cannot move it that way, but can when you hold it in your fingers, then the only differenmce is... you were holding it. You are the cause. There is no need to invoke forces travelling down the string from the mental cosmos, as the wise man once said, "When you see hoofprints in the sand, think horses, not zebras."

I don't care how steady you think you are or seem to be, your muscles are ALWAYS in motion, as the pulse runs through your arms, tensions shift, your muscles have to constantly readjust to hold the position you intend.

Here is an experiment for you. DO this so you feel good about being able to mentally get it to rorate one way or the other or stop. Have a viedeo camera recording this for you. Now set up a large sheet of cardboard or something you cannot see through AT ALL, with a couple holes for your arms. Do it all again, will it to rotate left, or right or stop, and give it the time you think it needs. In each case make oral cocments for the recording, "Now i will try to makie it stop" for example so we can see how long from the initial desire to the actual result. The second trial then is doing it while you cannot see the pendulum or what it does. I predict the pendulum will still move one way or another at times, but will no longer correspond to your announced intent. Of course even at that, your mind can still imagine a image of the thing and subconsciously move in supporting ways.

Poker player and other gamblers make a living reading the small motions you are not even aware you make, and even those you think you don;t make. You do make them.

Randi's Flim Flam is an excellent book, as SY mentions, I recommend it. The chapter on water dowsing is definitive in my view. They set up the test course, show it to the dowser, let the dowser work on it while they know where the water is flowing until they agree they can indeed dowse on this course, everything to let the dowser have all the conditions he might feel necessary, then they double blind set up water flow under the ground and let them try to dowse them. They can't.
Hi Enzo, that cardboard visual block is interesting. I must get that book too. However I've read about those controlled tests failing somewhere . Can't recollect where.
Another OT subject : Have you seen that Asian man ( Indonesia?) who can cure problems with bodily generated electricity. Even shocks others who touch him or the patient he is treating ! How could he fake that ? Apparently though it causes an 'electric shock' type reaction on other people a DMM couldn't measure it as a high voltage !
It's on Youtube.
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How could he fake that ?

Oh come on. These people make their living doing this stuff, you expect them to be bad at it? or amateurish? Have you not ever "seen" someone make the Statue of Liberty disappear, or a live elephant disappear? Or in fact a Lear Jet disappear, right in front of a live audience? They "saw it with their own eyes." Yet we all know it is an illusion.

Have you not heard of the psychic healers who perform "surgery" with their bare hands? Maybe even seen the films? Guy seems to push his hand right through the chest of the patient, pulls out the evil parts from the body and withdraws without leaving the slightest scar. AMAZING!!! Well not really amazing, it is sleight of hand, but looks convincing.

Please do read Flim Flam, it has a chapter each for many such scams. And thoroughly discusses them and how they are done, and more importantly exposing some of the perpetrators.

....Let this thread stay with thoughts, suggestions, answers about the said 'pendulum effect'. ....]

Hi there A: At the Smithsonian InstitutionNatural History museum in Washingon D.C., USA, , a pendulum is hung from the rotunda ceiling on about 80 feet of piano wire, it swings in in an arc about 25 feet. at the edge of the arc the caretakers set up a circle of pins weigheted at their bottom. During the course of every day the pendulum knockes over the pins one at a time following the circle in one direction. Any one who would like to reverse the direction, can demonstrate their will power, in public, no camera tricks or magicians props! Be advised that a great will power will be necessary to reverse the rotation of the earth! ...regards, Michael
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