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Hi all,
I am about to make a pair of speakers and I want to know how good Peerless drivers are. They are manufactured in India and are easy to obtain. We aslo get Focal and Dynaudio here, but they are expensive.
Any suggestions about the Peerless drivers. I mean any good models of woofers and dome tweeters any of you can name for a good 2-way system.
Thanks for any help.
Peerless Speakers

Dear Vivek,

Sorry to say in reply to your query regarding Peerless speakers made in India that I have heard some of the models and most of them sound pathetic. Peerless in India does not have a tie-up with the original Peerless from some scandinavian country (I forget which one exactly) if some of the unofficial reports that I have heard are to be believed; they used to have a tie-up long ago and it is not current.

These speakers do not measure up to any hi-fi standard. You can probably understand from their pricing as compared to the other authentic brands that you have named. Be cautioned.

The problem is that some Peerless drivers are made in India and I do not know if it is the same as the Denmark Peerless. I am not sure if Peerless (Denmark) sources drivers from India.
D Datta,
There are two Peerless companies I think. Again I do not know which is which. Do you know if the Indian Peerless is good?
Hello from Denmark!

Peerless is an ol' danish brand. I dunno 'bout that other indian crap. They've manufactured units with pressed steel baskets for decades. It's their speciality. That also makes the drivers cheaper..

They're not crap. They're a great altenative to other speakers, like DynAudio, Vifa, ScanSpeak (all danish too!). Way better than cheap asian crap. They stick to tight tolerances, good materials etc.

But they're not state of the art, and Peerless have never claimed so.

It's very easy to build great sounding loudspeakers with thse drivers. Anyone who says not, have clearly not tried!

The correct URL is;

Good luck!
The real deal..

All the stuff at are manufactured in DK 'cept the flat NEXT panels.

I'm not too fond of their tweeters. Marry a Peerless woofer with a Vifa D27 and you got a happy marriage!

A lot of Peerless drivers are used in commercial loudspeakers. Vandersten (US) have used their PP 4" closed backchamber (and cast chassis one of the few along with a 5" woofer. Peerless only chose a cast frame to ensure a small frame as possible. They don't *believe* in cast frames as such. I do) for years. It's great but don't go too low.

Their 62mm cone tweeter sounds surprisingly good. Very musical and pleasant to listen to. None of the edginess 0,75/1" domes can exibit. It does roll of gently at 17-18kHz mostly due to poor dispersion. A little gem, imho..

Dirt cheap too!
Vivek, Solstice, Eric,

After checking out the sites of the two Peerless brand of speaker manufacturers, I suspect that the Danish one is the original as we all know, but the Indian one's status is as I have mentioned in my earlier reply. Check the company logo, the models etc., nothing matches. I have not verified this of late but the status of the erstwhile association that I had obtained a couple of years ago, seems to remain.

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